H.H.G.C. Lyfestyle

Holmbee Hills Garment Co. Is a clothing line based off the lifestyle of the 1960's Rat Pack. The iconic characters of this era paved the way for us today and should be considered the trend setters of their time. We have created a Streetwear brand that represents them in every way and can be looked upon as the new trendsetters of today. Because its not just a brand it is a lyfestyle.

A CLoser Look at the ”Numbers on the Board” H.H.G.C. 1 of 1 for Pusha T

When we got the chance to do this design for Pusha we were super excited about the project. Not only because it was for Pusha T but because it was our first Custom piece for an actual artist. We took the baseball aproach to things because it seemed more of the times today. Since fashion has taken a switch from the 80’s to the 90’s and also because back in the day our inspiration Frank Sinatra had a little baseball team called the “Sinatra Swooners”. SO we wanted to keep the whole Rat Pack Holmbee Hills Theme tied into our design as well. We thought that a typical Letterman Hjacket wasn’t us at all and it would be the same old same old and that was a very bland idea! Anyway the jacket couldn’t be as gawdy as everything that’s out today being “Trendy” is not for us! So we ended up puting one of the bars that stood out to us the most and the initals of his debute album on the back “My Name Is My Name” and there you have it our first 1 of 1. Look for Pusha’s Album dropping 7.16.13 #MNIMN

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